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Who am I? Well, first, I am the wife of an amazing man and the mother of two awesome young men. I also have two canine children as well.


I am a self-taught photographer who has been at this professionally since 2010. I’ve always had the need to have a camera with me, snapping away, since I was a little girl.  As I got older, bringing my camera was as routine as grabbing my keys.  The result, too many boxes of photos that I will never get rid of and a deep appreciation for digital.


The journey of Peace Love & Happy Faces Photography began when my friend had her third child.  Looking at all the amazing things going on in newborn photography, planning for his newborn session sparked an immediate – “I want to DO this!” inside of me and from that moment, I had no choice.  My heart knew what my brain didn’t and was way ahead of us both!  So, with the support of my husband, friends and family, I began the planning and purchased my first camera.  Originally, the business started as me and the friend whose baby boy ignited the spark, but she was not able to go any further with me and unfortunately backed out of the business.   Yes, sad, but I do believe that God has a plan for all things, so I’m at peace with the decision.  Still, I always like to give her recognition for the birth of this company because I just don’t know what would have happened with it otherwise.

Along this wild and crazy journey I have met some amazing people who have become loyal clients and some even friends.  Such amazing people who promote me and my work more than I do sometimes!  I am so blessed to be able to watch their kids grow up and document it for them as well as share in their life’s amazing celebrations.


Memories are made one moment at a time and I would love to capture your sweetest moments and make them into memories that will last forever. I chose the name Peace, Love & Happy Faces because that is my goal, for my life and for what I intend to capture for you!  ~ {☮ ♥ ツ}


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Some things about me….

  • I love to read, though I don’t have much time for it anymore.

  • Random things I love include: COFFEE, hot air balloons, giraffes, pineapple, gardening, butterflies, sunflowers, orchids, starfish, sunsets, coffee, flip flops…ugh, this list could go on and on!

  • I believe music is important.  It can change your mood, make you feel better and/or take you right back to another time in your life.  I edit better with it, drive better with it and can’t live without it.

  • My favorite people to photograph are newborns.  So innocent and perfect and beautiful.  A lot of work and yet still my favorite to do.

  • I find myself thinking “can I put a baby in that?” way too often.

  • I am a pretty good cook (from what I hear anyways) and I love to bake.

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